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Post Mastectomy Pillow After Breast Cancer Surgery or Breast Reduction

Get Well Soon!

Every patient recovering from a mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, or any sort of chest surgery deserves a care package that will protect and support the affected area. Our chest pillow is made using cozy fabric used for baby blankets and keeps you comfortable throughout your drive or as you lie down. It also keeps you from objects that might bump your incisions and prolong your healing time. You can wear the breast surgery pillows as soon as your first drive home post-surgery until you fully recover. Deep pockets offer you the ability to put ice packs and your wallet and phone, so you don’t move a lot when in pain. This chest buddy cushion is our way of helping you get well soon and giving you support as you go through mastectomy recovery.

Healing Gifts for Cancer Patients

Why is our surgery pillow ideal for cancer patients? It offers underarm comfort, reduces impact from seatbelts, and keeps pets and children away from incisions. The chest pillow also has a padded cushion that has a thoughtful design for the healing process and keeps the arm's weight from affecting the operated area. This breast pillow aids in not only supporting the chest but also protects the wound from any agents that may slow down the recovery period.

Order Your Mastectomy Pillow Now and Protect Your Chest Post-Surgery without any Worries!

About this item:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Great Healing With The Icepack Pocket - This pillow comes standard with a big pocket that can hold an ice pack, which you can hold gently against the chest area to aid in healing incisions. A absolute must have and life safer after a surgery.
  • Best Friend That Protects And Supports - The strap with easy-open buckle will hold the pillow in place while moving around or sleeping preventing irritation of the incisions. In that way the pillow will always keep you safe and protected on your drive back home(seat belt) or in bed.
  • Light Weight And Easy To Carry - We made our post surgery pillows lightweight and easy to carry, since it's not possible for you to lift bulky items. Easy to take your double mastectomy pillow from the couch to your bed during the healing process.
  • Perfect Gift -Thoughtful gift for someone who is facing mastectomy, hysterectomy,lymphectomy, open heart surgery(coughing), chest surgery, abdominal surgery. A great way to support and care for your friend/family during the healing process.
  • #1 Premium Quality – While others pillows out there may use cheaper materials; we’ve cut no corners. This pillow has the right kind of softness and right kind of support you need. Made only from the most soft and comfortable cotton and ball fiber.