Medical Alert Seat Belt Covers

In an emergency situation, these Medical Alert Seatbelt Covers quickly convey crucial information that a child or adult may not be able to express by themselves. 
The seat belt cover is available for autism, autisic, diabetic, epilepsy, kids syndrom, diabetes.
  • Extra long, fade resistant, easily visible to police and EMT
  • Measures approx. 9.6 inches by 2.8 inches
  • Can be quickly and easily installed. 
  • Wash on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.
"My husband is part of Fire and Rescue and said that this is a brilliant idea. Such a valuable piece that provides a lot of information clearly so that personal involved can approach situations with knowledge and care. Brilliant idea"  - Hayley Elizabeth

"Great idea ...nothing is perfect but at least in your own car which is where most kids travel it's an excellent idea...will it work 100% no but if it helps one person it's worth it...and if you were the one that it helped I bet you would support it…" - Ann Nale

"You never know what is going to happen. Being involved in a serious car accident two years ago I think these are a brilliant idea." - Susan Ann Randle

"My daughter is on the spectrum I totally get what you're saying, we have draws of clothes she "can't" wear, some she wore last week this week she can't and may never again. Yes the strap in the car is a great idea, if you were in an accident or even if you get pulled up at an RBT etc." - Christine O’Keeffe

"The trouble with this for some on the Autism spectrum (as is the case with my son) is that due to his sensitivities I just CANNOT get him to wear a bracelet, necklace, ring, keyring on the loop of his pants, badge on his shirt, sticker on his jacket.... Jake even requires seamless socks... For us this would be an amazing alternative!!! But now you've made me wonder if its even worth it." - Kylie Smith Barnard